Zenith Air maintains a range of sites from government departments to shopping complexes and apartments. Prompt response times ensure that businesses continue to run with minimal interruption from plant malfunction or breakdown. Off-line, contract customers can benefit from temporary cooling and ventilation at those critical times and without incurrence of rental fees until components arrive, a proactive approach of recognising and being attentive to our customer’s needs still unmatched by any of our competitors.

Building owners and managers are usually totally unaware that all that they seem to be getting is an overcharging filter changing service where upon experiencing breakdowns only find have been taken advantage of, a familiar occurrence which should not be the case if the correct maintenance procedures are put in practice in the first place.

Zenith Air clients have full access to engineers and facility managers to forecast annual budgets and strategise plans for the improvement of running costs and down time. Buildings undergo comprehensive audits where recommendations are put forward to ‘improve or remove’ power depleting and inefficient equipment or devices on regular intervals. Pay back periods are also calculated for any proposed energy or water saving strategies, so suffice to say building owners will not have to keep reaching for their pockets, but instead can look forward to a reduction of running costs, year after year.

Compliance with the NABERS/Green star rating system is a must nowadays, however when plant is not maintained and commissioned correctly, it is all but futile since the result would be nothing short of ongoing problems and plant inefficiencies.

Zenith Air offer Low cost maintenance, reduced breakdown and increased efficiency to ensure extended life-cycle of your plant with a cast-iron Guarantee.     

For a free building assessment and for all your service and maintenance needs please contact one of our helpful service staff members for prompt response.

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Our Service Guarantee

    ‘If we’re not on site on time – we will not charge you for the call out’